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we are so lucky to live so close to a national park, and be able to visit anytime. we are even luckier that sometimes that national park brings us extra visitors! this past weekend, ryan and camie and the boys came down for a camping trip out to zion. i had to work on friday, so they went out during the day with ::husband:: to secure a campsite (to our dismay, the zion campgrounds were full, so we stayed out at mosquito cove, with no bathrooms. this turned out to be a MAJOR bonus for carter.)
we had an absolute blast with them. it's so fun to be around kids and remember how seriously cool the simple things can be; things like jumping around in a tent, playing in water, spotting wildlife (ie - lizards), playing in dirt, and riding on buses. highlights from the trip:

  • playing in the water at the mouth of the narrows
  • lowlight - Colton almost being swept away in the current. but it turned out okay.
  • for Carter - peeing outside
  • setting up camp at mosquito cove
  • roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and tin foil dinners
  • more peeing outside
  • scary ghost stories about "two little boys..."
  • finding 3 successful geocaches in springdale
  • exploring the area where the bike scene was filmed in butch cassidy & sundance kid (pic above)
  • driving through the tunnel
  • picnicking by a stream and watching the boys play (which ended with peeing in the water)
  • hiking emerald pools & trying to catch tadpoles
  • ice cream that made the boys and me so cold we were shivering
  • a movie in the visitor center
  • and a second night in the tents
we had a fun-filled few days while they were here, and can't wait for our next trip together. luckily, it won't be too long because we've decided to try and hit all the national parks in Utah together! thanks for a great visit, you guys! hope it's not too hard to train carter-bear back to toilets...!


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

sooo fun!!! That would be a blast going with the kiddles...

Anonymous said...

How much fun !!! Love to see the world through children's eyes. They make me realize how much I take for granted. Congrats on THREE! geoccaches!! It seems like every time they come you make a killing in geoc. Exellent photos. I guess Zion IS crowded this time of year. Your food sounded delicious. L. v.

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