::home:: a houseguest and a quiet weekend

Husband told me that he's going to pick a weekend when we do everything that he wants to do, because I basically chose this weekend. For an indecisive soul like me, that sounds just fine.

But to me, this weekend was perfect. Some community activity, some music, Husband-time, lots of good food, and everything low-key and no-stress.

The break-down:
Friday night - Sitting on a baby (usually we tend on Tues/Thurs, but mama worked an extra night this week.) We buckled baby right in and walked up to Pizza Factory where we had a delicious pizza with Tresspasser....and on the way home, realized they were doing Movie in the Park. Watched Madagascar 2 on a giant blow up screen in absolutely perfect weather. (It was actually just chilly enough to use a blanket. HERE? In JUNE??? Pinch me.)

Husband and Tresspasser have been working on me for ages to go canyoneering with them, and I finally agreed Friday night. So Saturday morning, we headed out to Zion, nerves completely a-jitter. BUT Mother nature intervened; she shed a little rain, so we didn't want to risk it. Instead we browsed the bookstore, and grabbed a quick bite in Springdale before heading home. Once home, I locked myself in the bathroom (after some naptime) in an attempt to (finally) get the linen closet painted and all of the touch up work done. (We're getting so close...all we need is a mirra!) I came out around 5 to make up this delicious dinner. After dinner, we got cleaned up and head BACK to out to Springdale for the second time to crash a wedding party. One of my college roommates, Andrea, was playing with her band, Cold Creek, for their reception, so we kindly invited ourselves. It was so great to hear her singing again - it's been so long! We caught up a little bit on family and kids on the drive home. Then

Sunday morning, since we had guests :), we all went to the Bearpaw for breakfast. You seriously can't beat breakfast at the Bearpaw. After breakfast, we waved good-bye to Cold Creek, took the puppies out for a good long walk, and then Husband packed up and left for work. This afternoon, I've been reading, cleaning, and doing laundry. All at an extremely leisurely pace. The only thing that would have made this weekend better is is Husband had been able to stay home with me tonight...

So this weekend was the end of our six week stream of guests.... our house is going to feel awfully empty next weekend, so if anyone has a hankering to come out.... Anj? come back down? Jess, don't tell me you were just teasing....?


Dave and Lindsey said...

What a great weekend. About two weeks ago or so we also saw Madagascar 2 on a giant blow up screen in a park. What are the odds?

my rebel took over said...

Alison! So awesome to be reading your blog! I actually went to the very first post and was psyched that you posted that "all about us" because, I'm nosey you know!

Are you going to the Jersey reunion in SLC? I'm just a smidge bitter that it's taking place outside the great state of New Jersey!

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

it's all so magical. i want to be lucky weekend number 7.

Anonymous said...

V. here...
So glad you are getting time for the bathroom finish with a flourish!! it is going to be beautiful. I checked out your delicious dinner. Thanks. mmmmm. And the Bearpaw sounds great. How nice of you to babysit. you are BUSY BUSY . V.

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