it was great to see you guys last week! we're glad you finally gave in and decided to stay with us!
i'm really pretty excited about this cleaning tip. because it really works. really good. so barb mentioned to me that she used the mr. clean magic eraser on the grippy things in the bottom of her tub when they were moving out of their old house. hmm, sounds good. then she showed me. hmmm, looks good. so after they left, i pulled out the magic eraser and put them to work on my shower floor. remember, recent bathroom re-do, but we didn't replace the tub. and i'd just resigned myself to dirty grippy things.
ignore the dirty tub (it was due for a cleaning) and the scratches - and check this out:

magic! i am pointing at the first scrubbed grippy thing. see how dirty the others are? and i have SCRUBBED those things. this tip and this other that i'd mentioned would have given me sanity in any number of my college apartments. anyway, just a little something that made Barb happy and makes me happy, and might just make you happy. if you're a clean (non) freak like me. thanks, barb!

*oh, and i also use the magic eraser on my ceramic cooktop. better for me than any specialized cleaner out there. test a small area on yours first, just to make sure.


Anonymous said...

V. here... YES!!i learned about these mr clean magic erasers when we were in the mission field trying to get the missionaries to clean their showers. However, these cleaning things were not quite in their budget. v.

Jennica said...

I just used my magic eraser yesturday to scrup to turqouise vintage chairs I got and now they look brand new!

Anonymous said...

Do not use them on tar stains on the side of your car ... WC

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