::wandering:: canyoneering+

i survived. here's some proof.
pic 1: getting ready to start swimming
pic 2: at the top before our last rappel (100 ft free rappel)
pic 3: ME coming down the last rappel
pic 4: after i knew i'd survived.
so it really was a fun day. as scared as i was, tresspasser and ::husband:: are great to go with for your first time.
other bonuses: i didn't carry any ropes, etc. i'm sure that helped greatly with my swimming capabilities
{{translation: not drowning capabilities. i really have no swimming capabilities}}.
also: we were behind a pretty slow group of six, so i had plenty of time to watch each of
them doing it without freaking out. would i go again? yeah, i think so.
when we got out of the canyon, we were famished so we headed to the post-hike standby
Zion Pizza & Noodle. and after dinner, we headed out to the cabin in Kanab for the rest of our weekend!


Chad said...

My wife is so HARDCORE! I have been trying to talk her in to coming along for almost 3 years. She did awesome!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Your family is the Incredibles. How can you have so much fun!!Great Photos of your day. v.

Anonymous said...

It's gotta be one of the ultimate demonstrations of love and trust to hang from ropes assembled by your husband. Good job! --WC

ryan said...

Wow, way cool. Congrats on the canyoneering success.

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

oh sick....that's awesome! you're so hardcore!!! i like how happy you look to still be alive at the end, hahahah! where did you start from? and when can i come?

liso. said...

yes, VERY happy to be alive. we started at that parking lot just on the other side of the big tunnel. and then we ended at one of the switchbacks on the way up.

come anytime! and i'm being serious. seriously.

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