::wandering:: and we're off

we're taking off for the weekend!
and this is what i'm going to do.
i wasn't nearly so scared {{and i was pretty scared}}
until i googled it for a picture.
now i'm semi-panicked.
but wednesday is husband's birthday.
so i'm going.
with most of a smile.
that's today.
then on to the cabin,
and a hike in coyote gulch.
back by sunday morning.
we better get moving!
have a happy weekend!


The Merk-ster said...

Have fun! Coyote Gulch is a fav in this house!

Happy Birthday el-chaddo!

The Mani said...

Looks beautiful....have fun!

Anonymous said...

v. here....
This picture induces panic in me too. Hold on tight. Sounds like you are in for a great weekend. Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to CHAD. V.

liso. said...

...unfortunately we didn't make it to coyote gulch. we were distracted by the grand canyon, i guess??? next trip for sure! anybody want to come? :)

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