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we each know a lot of people named aaron or erin, so together it's a whole lot. but last night we got a chance to visit with one of my old friends from the nanny days, aaron. it was so great to see him - it's been a loooong time. his family is in town from ny for a big family reunion so he came over sans megan and the kids (other reunion activities - movie night and ladies night were going on, so the kids didn't want to miss it to meet some strangers:) ) anyway, it was fun to catch up and do a little reminiscing. as i reflect on our friendship, i realize that 1. he's contributed a lot and that 2. he's a really good driver

nice things about aaron:
1. one time we drove up to quebec, picked up suzanne & he dropped us at a provinicial park
2. one time he drove anna & kim & me up to NY start our AT adventure
3. one time he rescued jill & me in Boulder when my orange car went kaput and drove us to the bus station.
4. one time we drove from arkansas to utah and he taught me how to drive stick.

it was fun to see you! ...let us know next time you're in our neck of the woods.


Anonymous said...

Nice to get updates on friends ... especially in person!

Anonymous said...

V. here... I remember Aaron. St George draws so many friends!! What a cutie Chad is holding!! v

blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

that aaron IS a good driver. and he is good at being around when people need help hahah

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