::home:: summer nights

watching Little Big League in the park. i love summer.


::home:: aaro's visit

we each know a lot of people named aaron or erin, so together it's a whole lot. but last night we got a chance to visit with one of my old friends from the nanny days, aaron. it was so great to see him - it's been a loooong time. his family is in town from ny for a big family reunion so he came over sans megan and the kids (other reunion activities - movie night and ladies night were going on, so the kids didn't want to miss it to meet some strangers:) ) anyway, it was fun to catch up and do a little reminiscing. as i reflect on our friendship, i realize that 1. he's contributed a lot and that 2. he's a really good driver

nice things about aaron:
1. one time we drove up to quebec, picked up suzanne & he dropped us at a provinicial park
2. one time he drove anna & kim & me up to NY start our AT adventure
3. one time he rescued jill & me in Boulder when my orange car went kaput and drove us to the bus station.
4. one time we drove from arkansas to utah and he taught me how to drive stick.

it was fun to see you! ...let us know next time you're in our neck of the woods.


::home:: his day part II

When we got home from work, I sent Husband out for his birthday massage so I would have time to make his cake. When he got home, he made his gift selection: a circular saw. Clue: a nail. Because they both have to do with building? I don't know. It was the only gift that he didn't guess from the clue. The other choices were a full length wetsuit or a used canoe that our neighbor wants to get rid of.
After he made his choice, we went out for dinner with Tresspasser at a Brazilian restaurant, Made in Brazil. It's one of those where they bring around the skewers of meat and then slice it off at the table. Since I'm not a huge meat eater, I'm not sure if it was worth it to me, but my favorite part was the HUGE lime-aid that I got. Next time, I'll just order that!
I hope you had a great day, guy!


::home:: his day

Today, he spent some time following around funny little rhymes in order to figure out what his gift would be. As the indecisive one, I slyly left the decision up to him. He received three clues, each for a different gift. Then, based upon the clues, he has to choose his gift. Decision tomorrow!

Instead of getting all mushy-gushy for his birthday, I'll share one of the things that made me first fall in love with him (sooo many years ago). Husband is one of the best teachers I've ever met. He is humble when teaching, and makes people feel comfortable, and not at all stupid or embarassed or judged, and is genuinely excited to share what he knows. I am reminded of this constantly in my life, but most recently was this weekend in the canyon.

Thanks for being patient with me, and teaching me, and never, ever, ever making me feel dumb.

Happy Birthday, Love!


::wandering:: our pieds

we had some serious pied problems this weekend.
1. when ::husband:: came in from the field last week, he had some serious itch going on,
but we couldnt figure out what it was. there's no bug bites or any rash, but it's uncontrollable
for him, especially at night. he would wake up shaking the bed he was scratching it so hard
2. i tore out the toe strap of my chaco on friday while we were in the canyon. not too much of a
problem until saturday when it started loosening during one of our hikes and i thought the
whole sandal was about to fall apart. time to retire those babies
3. will slipped and seriously stabbed the end of his big toe on one of our hikes -- gushing blood!
oh, and did i mention we ended up at the GC?


::postcard:: to dad

To OUR Dads:
We couldn't have asked for anyone better.
Thanks for all you've done for us, together, and separate.
We love you and respect you and are proud to be your children.
Happy Fathers Day.

::wandering:: canyoneering+

i survived. here's some proof.
pic 1: getting ready to start swimming
pic 2: at the top before our last rappel (100 ft free rappel)
pic 3: ME coming down the last rappel
pic 4: after i knew i'd survived.
so it really was a fun day. as scared as i was, tresspasser and ::husband:: are great to go with for your first time.
other bonuses: i didn't carry any ropes, etc. i'm sure that helped greatly with my swimming capabilities
{{translation: not drowning capabilities. i really have no swimming capabilities}}.
also: we were behind a pretty slow group of six, so i had plenty of time to watch each of
them doing it without freaking out. would i go again? yeah, i think so.
when we got out of the canyon, we were famished so we headed to the post-hike standby
Zion Pizza & Noodle. and after dinner, we headed out to the cabin in Kanab for the rest of our weekend!


::wandering:: and we're off

we're taking off for the weekend!
and this is what i'm going to do.
i wasn't nearly so scared {{and i was pretty scared}}
until i googled it for a picture.
now i'm semi-panicked.
but wednesday is husband's birthday.
so i'm going.
with most of a smile.
that's today.
then on to the cabin,
and a hike in coyote gulch.
back by sunday morning.
we better get moving!
have a happy weekend!


::postcard:: this girl

I've mentioned before how incredibly cool my sister is...
Well, if you still need convincing, watch this.
She blows my mind.


::home:: a houseguest and a quiet weekend

Husband told me that he's going to pick a weekend when we do everything that he wants to do, because I basically chose this weekend. For an indecisive soul like me, that sounds just fine.

But to me, this weekend was perfect. Some community activity, some music, Husband-time, lots of good food, and everything low-key and no-stress.

The break-down:
Friday night - Sitting on a baby (usually we tend on Tues/Thurs, but mama worked an extra night this week.) We buckled baby right in and walked up to Pizza Factory where we had a delicious pizza with Tresspasser....and on the way home, realized they were doing Movie in the Park. Watched Madagascar 2 on a giant blow up screen in absolutely perfect weather. (It was actually just chilly enough to use a blanket. HERE? In JUNE??? Pinch me.)

Husband and Tresspasser have been working on me for ages to go canyoneering with them, and I finally agreed Friday night. So Saturday morning, we headed out to Zion, nerves completely a-jitter. BUT Mother nature intervened; she shed a little rain, so we didn't want to risk it. Instead we browsed the bookstore, and grabbed a quick bite in Springdale before heading home. Once home, I locked myself in the bathroom (after some naptime) in an attempt to (finally) get the linen closet painted and all of the touch up work done. (We're getting so close...all we need is a mirra!) I came out around 5 to make up this delicious dinner. After dinner, we got cleaned up and head BACK to out to Springdale for the second time to crash a wedding party. One of my college roommates, Andrea, was playing with her band, Cold Creek, for their reception, so we kindly invited ourselves. It was so great to hear her singing again - it's been so long! We caught up a little bit on family and kids on the drive home. Then

Sunday morning, since we had guests :), we all went to the Bearpaw for breakfast. You seriously can't beat breakfast at the Bearpaw. After breakfast, we waved good-bye to Cold Creek, took the puppies out for a good long walk, and then Husband packed up and left for work. This afternoon, I've been reading, cleaning, and doing laundry. All at an extremely leisurely pace. The only thing that would have made this weekend better is is Husband had been able to stay home with me tonight...

So this weekend was the end of our six week stream of guests.... our house is going to feel awfully empty next weekend, so if anyone has a hankering to come out.... Anj? come back down? Jess, don't tell me you were just teasing....?


::home:: bathroom sneak peak

still some small things to do: trim, touch up paint, and finish painting the linen closet.
more {{hopefully}} soon!



it was great to see you guys last week! we're glad you finally gave in and decided to stay with us!
i'm really pretty excited about this cleaning tip. because it really works. really good. so barb mentioned to me that she used the mr. clean magic eraser on the grippy things in the bottom of her tub when they were moving out of their old house. hmm, sounds good. then she showed me. hmmm, looks good. so after they left, i pulled out the magic eraser and put them to work on my shower floor. remember, recent bathroom re-do, but we didn't replace the tub. and i'd just resigned myself to dirty grippy things.
ignore the dirty tub (it was due for a cleaning) and the scratches - and check this out:

magic! i am pointing at the first scrubbed grippy thing. see how dirty the others are? and i have SCRUBBED those things. this tip and this other that i'd mentioned would have given me sanity in any number of my college apartments. anyway, just a little something that made Barb happy and makes me happy, and might just make you happy. if you're a clean (non) freak like me. thanks, barb!

*oh, and i also use the magic eraser on my ceramic cooktop. better for me than any specialized cleaner out there. test a small area on yours first, just to make sure.


::wandering:: znp

we are so lucky to live so close to a national park, and be able to visit anytime. we are even luckier that sometimes that national park brings us extra visitors! this past weekend, ryan and camie and the boys came down for a camping trip out to zion. i had to work on friday, so they went out during the day with ::husband:: to secure a campsite (to our dismay, the zion campgrounds were full, so we stayed out at mosquito cove, with no bathrooms. this turned out to be a MAJOR bonus for carter.)
we had an absolute blast with them. it's so fun to be around kids and remember how seriously cool the simple things can be; things like jumping around in a tent, playing in water, spotting wildlife (ie - lizards), playing in dirt, and riding on buses. highlights from the trip:

  • playing in the water at the mouth of the narrows
  • lowlight - Colton almost being swept away in the current. but it turned out okay.
  • for Carter - peeing outside
  • setting up camp at mosquito cove
  • roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and tin foil dinners
  • more peeing outside
  • scary ghost stories about "two little boys..."
  • finding 3 successful geocaches in springdale
  • exploring the area where the bike scene was filmed in butch cassidy & sundance kid (pic above)
  • driving through the tunnel
  • picnicking by a stream and watching the boys play (which ended with peeing in the water)
  • hiking emerald pools & trying to catch tadpoles
  • ice cream that made the boys and me so cold we were shivering
  • a movie in the visitor center
  • and a second night in the tents
we had a fun-filled few days while they were here, and can't wait for our next trip together. luckily, it won't be too long because we've decided to try and hit all the national parks in Utah together! thanks for a great visit, you guys! hope it's not too hard to train carter-bear back to toilets...!


we were featured today on Gypsy Feet!
you've seen the picture before, but check it out here anyway...
i love this blog. i used to take feet pictures all of the time,
but have stopped in the last few years for some reason.
this blog has made me fall in love with foot pictures all over again!
Thanks, Gypsy Feet!
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