::wandering:: with my favourites

last weekend was so.much.fun.

me, gramma, and mom all flew up to jill in seattle over mother's day weekend. we all 4 slept in jill's little room, tried to sneak into the shower while her roommates weren't around, and probably kept them all awake with our laughter. some highlights and pictures from our 4 day weekend:

  • pacific fabrics (mom seeks out fabric stores like you wouldn't believe!)
  • the boeing tour (it's my second visit - i'm so proud to go. oh yeah, my sister works here!)
  • the tulips (we missed the festival, but got to see some leftovers)
  • umazing cake at Simply Desserts and meeting jill's boyfriend, rocket.
  • saturday morning farmers market near jill's house
  • rowing (in circles) a rowboat on one of the many lakes (thanks for the idea, Tara!)
  • a ferry ride and dinner on bainbridge at sunset (also with rocket)
  • a mother's day celebration with mom and gramma (first time i've been with mom on mother's day in probably ten-ish years?) that included a crepe breakfast, a chili frito dinner and a Great Amazing Race finale party with chocolate cake
  • two homemade treats from mom and gramma: placemats with silverware holders for me and chad and a pin cushion cake slice!
  • a birthday celebration for jill at Rainforest Cafe (we had lunch there, and took our own cake for dessert)

I had such a blast hanging out with them - thanks for an amazing time, and to jill's roommates, thanks for putting up with us!


blackstarmonkey: aspiring ninja/sheepherder said...

GOOD ONE! rocket said he will take a picture by the rocket. but i don't think it could EVER beat that hot Pan-Am shot. Wowzahs.

Anonymous said...

Ali Girl: You did us proud. So interesting to re-live the trip and do keep on blogging!!! Gramma loves these two energetic g/daughters and the precious daughter.

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Seattle does have tthe best roomates ever. So kind!!And they gave the chocolate cake!! Great Weekend!! V.

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Thanks for the great pics. I liked the Japanese store and walking through the Japanese eatery.

the gramma said...

Just had to look at the trip again!
Great work you do!!

Joanna said...

What a fun time! Your sister just turned into a woman! The last time I saw her she was so young! Love the pic of you two with cakes on your head, or whatever that is. Don't you just love the mother daughter sister time there is nothing like it!

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