Wednesday night::
We got mad at each other.
It was something Very Important.
The Recycling.
Thursday morning::
We woke up.
We were no longer mad.
Two years ago::
Something like this
Might have lasted a week.
I am soooooo glad to not be a newlywed.



you know how some people are just comfortable?
well, mom and dad were here this weekend (pictured with my big bro) and it was so great to have them here. we just hung out. looked at old black and white pics of my grandaddy washburn on the flatscreen (amazing scanned picture quality, seriously.), drove around to check out some real estate, worked on the bathroom, mom saved the day and finished a quilt i've been putting off, and just enjoyed each other's company. thanks again for coming.
i miss you both already.


::home:: who in their right mind? part II

so this is how we're starting the day:

everything is out of the bathroom, cupboards are out, toilet has been removed, walls are ready for painting, and cement board has been laid for tile. everything in the entire house is coated with dust. we went and picked up the vanity, sink, and paint this morning.

first up, ::husband:: is laying the tile and then i'm doing the painting. ceiling first, then light fixtures. then i'll do the walls in sauteed mushroom. in between everything, major dusting and cleaning. and hopefully this will all be done before my folks get here. the race is on!


::home:: who in their right mind?

decides to do THIS to their bathroom RIGHT BEFORE three straight weeks of weekend visitors?
apparently, we do.

our apologies to any guests who are/will be/have been unable to use the facilites.



May is gonna be a BUSY month. We had the first of our visitors this weekend.

one whole weekend with these guys and this is the only picture i took? i must have been going for quality over quantity - isn't he the cutest?

this weekend, jenny, casey, brendan and sequoia made the long trek down from logan for a visit. jenny and casey had a wedding to go to in vegas on friday, so husband spend the day with both kids. i don't know about you, but i'm impressed! if that had been me, there probably would have been some sort of breakdown in there, but he loved it...and both kids got good reports on their behavior. of course, it might have helped that he took them to the coolest swimming pool/waterslides/splash pad in town!

we had a lazy weekend that included the downtown water park, in-n-out (a must for anyone visiting us we've quickly learned!), some go karts and bumper boats, the movie "Doubt", some sushi, and some fabric for some pillow covers i'm making...finished product soon!

thanks for coming, guys! we love having you! (and thanks for putting up with our bathroom...why did we decide to start the bathroom remodel this month? ugh, not a good idea.)


::wandering:: with my favourites

last weekend was so.much.fun.

me, gramma, and mom all flew up to jill in seattle over mother's day weekend. we all 4 slept in jill's little room, tried to sneak into the shower while her roommates weren't around, and probably kept them all awake with our laughter. some highlights and pictures from our 4 day weekend:

  • pacific fabrics (mom seeks out fabric stores like you wouldn't believe!)
  • the boeing tour (it's my second visit - i'm so proud to go. oh yeah, my sister works here!)
  • the tulips (we missed the festival, but got to see some leftovers)
  • umazing cake at Simply Desserts and meeting jill's boyfriend, rocket.
  • saturday morning farmers market near jill's house
  • rowing (in circles) a rowboat on one of the many lakes (thanks for the idea, Tara!)
  • a ferry ride and dinner on bainbridge at sunset (also with rocket)
  • a mother's day celebration with mom and gramma (first time i've been with mom on mother's day in probably ten-ish years?) that included a crepe breakfast, a chili frito dinner and a Great Amazing Race finale party with chocolate cake
  • two homemade treats from mom and gramma: placemats with silverware holders for me and chad and a pin cushion cake slice!
  • a birthday celebration for jill at Rainforest Cafe (we had lunch there, and took our own cake for dessert)

I had such a blast hanging out with them - thanks for an amazing time, and to jill's roommates, thanks for putting up with us!


true story from a co-worker:
she asked her husband
"do these pants make my butt look big?"
he answered
"no, your butt makes your butt look big."
then they both laughed and she came to work and told us the story.
ps. sooo many pics from my seattle trip coming soon.
don't give up on me.
pps. sorry for the crude language, mom.


::listen:: Playing For Change: Song Around the World "Stand By Me"

Some of you may have already seen this. It comes from a documentary called, "Playing for Change." Each part is recorded individually and mixed to create an amazing sound.



we wuz busy.
{{like: we thought you wuz a toad}}
bonus points for the reference. anyone?


last weekend. it was buzy.

  • very-long, drawn-out, surprisingly-not-at-all-tense-discussion-of-when/if-to-buy-a-new-car
  • post-discussion-nightime-walk-downtown-to-enjoy-peanut-butter-hot-fudge-sundaes-from-blue-bunny-at-our-downtown-park-with-the-puppies
  • lazy-saturday-morning-in-bed
  • hours-spent-test-driving-potential-toyota-tacoma-and-getting-mechanical-inspection-from-the-dealership
  • ultimate-decision-to-buy-the-truck-then-to-not-buy-the-truck-then-to-wait-till-tuesday-then-to-take -it-off-the-table-for-good. at-least-until-we-sell-the-monty.
  • puppy-outing-to-the-sunbowl-to-get-em-good-and-pooped
  • sunny-afternoon-at-the-poly-fest-across-the-street-from-our-house-where-we-enjoyed-too-much-italian-ice-and-a-teriyaki-plate-while-listening-to-some-island-music-and-watching-lots-of-hawaiian-tahitian-and-tongan-dancing {{and if you're wondering if by any chance we happened to see sione and filipe singing "don't worry, be happy"... well, we did.}}
  • a-twelve-mile-bike-ride-wherein-::her::-face-was-extremely-red
  • a-quick-stop-at-the-outlets-and-a-swimsuit-purchase
  • and-a-mini-five-mile-backpack-overnight-with-the-puppies-and-the-grad-kids-at-work

that was it.


::postcard:: may 3 is a great day

Because it's Jill's Birthday!
You may have noticed that one of the most featured persons on here is my sweet, sweet sis. (She even has her whole own label!) More than anything I wish I could be with her on her birthday, but the next best thing is NEXT WEEKEND! I can't wait to see you!

I love you, Jill. I have the most fun with you* - no matter what we're doing. I can't wait for more years, and more trips and more fun and more birthdays. I love you!

{{*this is actually a tie. You can guess who the tie is with}}


::wandering:: toroweap grand canyon

We have a new goal! We've realized how little we've been getting out lately...the jobs, the dogs, short weekends, too tired, etc. Excuses, excuses, excuses. So now we're re-dedicated to exploring our backyard before something happens and we have to leave it. We bought this book*a few weeks ago at Cosco, before realizing it didn't include Utah. It's okay...close enough. We've been pouring through it the last few weeks, marking things that sounded fun, so last weekend we packed our tent and headlamps and hit the road!

So, first stop: Toroweap. Toroweap is a part of the Grand Canyon where the North and South Rim are the closest - it's crazy remote - not at all like the main parts of the park. The drive is on dirt roads the whole way - but it's totally worth it. We got out there and snagged the last campsite inside the park, started our fire, pitched our tent, and enjoyed some tasty chicken tin foil dinners. After a solid nights sleep, we woke up early (thanks, husband!) to eat breakfast (homemade granola and yogurt) out on the rim in the wind.

After hiking through the wildflowers and exploring different parts of the rim, we headed back to camp and got packed up. We left the park a different way that we came in so that we could explore parts of the "Polygamy Tour" from our book! We stopped at Pipe Springs National Monument, a mini oasis that played a small part in polygamist history. There was a spring that ran in the middle of the desert where a small ranch and fort were built. In the mid 1800s, when US Marshalls were trying to use polygamist wives as evidence against their husbands, they would be sent to Pipe Springs to "hide out". One well-known wife said, "I was sent to jail to keep my husband out." Apparently, she didn't like it too well out there. It was an interesting place, but we especially liked the layout of the fort - and the courtyard!
Next was the REAL polygamist action. We went to check out Centennial Park, an area where modern day polygamists live - these are folks who weren't necessarily born into polygamy, but have chosen that as a life they want to live - amazingly HUGE houses! We drove to Colorado City (former home of Warren Jeffs) and actually drove around the town! I was way more weirded out by this than Husband - all the times I've driven through Colorado City, I've never driven on more than just the highway passing through. (This is the town that they visit on Dateline, only to see doors swinging shut everywhere they turn.) I see polyamists all of the time at our Wal-Mart, but it was very strange to see them outside, hanging around. I think hoeing is a girls job in 'rado City because we saw lots of girls hoeing around the sidewalks. (Like, I mean, literally. With a hoe.) Then we stopped for some grub at the Merry Wives Cafe. I really wanted to take a picture in front of the mural with the three wives doing work outside (for our sur la mur photos) but ::he:: convinced me that would not be a good idea. I agreed, especially once I saw a guy SITTING BEHIND US that I'd seen WHILE WE WERE DRIVING THROUGH TOWN! Coincidence? I think not!
Then we headed home. It was a quick trip, but great to get out without the dogs. If you ever want to visit, just request the "Polygamy Trip" and we'll show you around!
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