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this last weekend, we got to hang out with some of husband's college crew*
dave and natalie came down from slc to stay for a weekend before the baby comes (yea!) and as a celebration of the end of tax season. erin has been doing the UTAH tour for the last week or so and staying with angela here in town on her stg leg. on friday, these folks met up at zion national park to do some hiking...

{{just like old times, with a little more pink!}}

on saturday, we went out to visit dave's old stompin' grounds. he did his eagle project down here, building a trail, so we went out to see if it was still around fifteen years later. it's down in an area where we've never been before, and was just gorgeous! i've never been so close to so many joshua trees. sure enough, the trail was still there, a testament to BIG d's SKILLS.

it was great to be able to see you guys...and your wee ones...
and angela, we'll be calling. we're not waiting till Smith's this time!

*Sorry Max, Dem, Will, and Rachel. We missed you guys.

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blackstarmonkey: ninja cowgirl said...

if this last pic of the *tree-huggers* was a facebook picture, i would click on 'LIKE'.

The Merk-ster said...

yeah! That's good because I haven't been to smith's in nearly 3 months. :)

Andrew, Erin & Alesa said...

We loved seeing you guys too! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks for all your help with the baby...she said she's sorry for all the crying!!! :)

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