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Thanks to Bud & Barb for coming down for a visit this weekend! It was great to see you guys back down here again. We had fun hanging out around the house, doing lots of shopping, eating yummy food {{mmm, parrothead...}}, watching a movie {which shall remain nameless}, and even taking in a little mini golf {all 4 of us} and batting practice {husband and bud only - but barb and i were good spectators}.

can you guess who won the mini golf by the way we hold our clubs?

1st - Bud - looks like he should have won
2nd - Husband - i don't know - i think he may look like a 3rd placer. it's MINI golf here, not baseball
3rd - Barb - i think she looks like she should have come in behind bud

that's it. there's only three places. i didn't place. don't pity me. {but do check out my club. where is it? i'm not holding it with any technique - i just look like i'm about to start swinging at a rat or something. at least husband's swing fits into another sport!}

Thanks again, guys! We already miss you both and Annie!

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Anonymous said...

V. here...
So good to see Bud and Barb again. You have such a nice guest room, no wonder you get nice company.
You look very spring "y" in your white pants and pretty orange top. No one actually loses at mini golf. Yes, I do think Ch's pose shows his real sport preference. PS. My first date with W. was mini golf and i won. I found out he was a poor loser.l, V.

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