I have allergies. Full-blown.
Unfortunately, Husband has to deal
with them as much as I do.
The other day he lovingly went
to get me some generic claritin
from the shed at work
(it's a mini pharmacy -
all the staff have to keep their med kits
stocked with the basics:
ibs, aspirin, claritin, etc.)
He brought them back to me,
I took one,
and it didn't work.
Fast forward one day:
I was talking to a staff
who was also taking this generic claritin,
and he complained they were
not working for him either.
Fast forward one more day:
I ask the nurse how many miligrams
is a dosage for generic claritin.
Turns out it's 10 mg.
And our pills are 2 mg.
Oh, well, of course that's the problem.
So I take FIVE!
Fast forward one last day:
The nurse comes to find me and
tells me she's figured out why
the claritin isn't working.
She showed me the pill bottle
and it says Loperamide.
The generic name for claritin
is Loratadine.
Loperamide is Immodium A-D.

1 comment:

Andrew, Erin & Alesa said...

uh-oh is right...I really don't want to hear the "outcome" of this story. Made me laugh...thanks for sharing!

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