my favourite quote comes from our nephew* their blog is private, so i must share:
he didn't want his hair combed {{duh - it was just done the night before!}}
he was jumping on the bed, avoiding the comb, and yelled out,
"Hey I can see myself in the mirror and I look awesome!"
now when husband and i are in the bathroom, brushing our teeth, one of us inevitably will look in the mirror and say it.
because when you look awesome, you just look awesome.
* {{this is one-half of the brother duo who taught me about calling someone 'that guy'}}


Jennica said...

Thanks for sharing that quote...very cute!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
I would be so glad if I could look in the mirror and say that!! This is true- the other day I woke up after a really good night's sleep and was still half asleep when I looked in the mirror AND I scared MYSELF!! ugh!

Lisa said...

This quote is fabulous. We all need a little more "I look awesome" in our lives! I wish I knew this kid.

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