::missing him :: our code

We have lots of codes. Most are secret, that we can use while we're at work, and nobody knows that we're being 'unprofessional' or anything of the sort.
::one of our newest::
wiggling my pointer finger at him.
::what it means::
well, everyone knows the sign for 'i love you', right? thumb up, pointer finger up, pinkie up, middle two fingers down. just figured the thumb must mean 'i', the pointer must mean 'love' and the pinkie must mean 'you'. so when you wiggle your pointer, it's just a shortened version, of stressing the love!
but now that i think about it, that doesn't seem real professional either.
{{image source unknown}}


Julia Jae said...

cute-I love it! :)

blackstarmonkey: ninja cowgirl said...

BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH i was like, cute, until i read the last part and i imagined you wiggling your finger in everyone's face at work--hahhahahah that's hilarious

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