::postcard:: bon anniversaire de mariage

to my Mom & Dad!
This is the big 3-5, so I hope you have fun celebrating!
Thanks so much for being such amazing parents and giving me so many wonderful memories.
I work with kids who have such rough family lives, and everyday I'm grateful for the way I was raised and the people who did it.
Here's to 35 more!
I love you!
{{photo circa 1975}}


Joanna said...

I love that picture of your parents! That is great!

Anonymous said...

Nice touch, Alison. You say the best things. You are a great example to us. W and V

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Thanks for the nice thoughts and your phone call. We have tons to be grateful for. We went to the Chocolate Cafe (Their motto is Breakfast, Lunch, and Chocolate) It was my pick. I ordered a Greek Salad and W. ordered Chocolate Raspberry Pancakes (served with Chocolate Sauce instead of syrup). He wanted to know why I ordered a Greek Salsd when I chose to come to a Chocolat Cafe. I couldn't say, but I did eat the end of his chocolate pancakes that he left. So I had chocolate with my Greek Salad. They had lots of choc desserts,but after the choc pancakes, I was stuffed. Then we went to the Albuqurque Museum of art and History. l,v.

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