I have allergies. Full-blown.
Unfortunately, Husband has to deal
with them as much as I do.
The other day he lovingly went
to get me some generic claritin
from the shed at work
(it's a mini pharmacy -
all the staff have to keep their med kits
stocked with the basics:
ibs, aspirin, claritin, etc.)
He brought them back to me,
I took one,
and it didn't work.
Fast forward one day:
I was talking to a staff
who was also taking this generic claritin,
and he complained they were
not working for him either.
Fast forward one more day:
I ask the nurse how many miligrams
is a dosage for generic claritin.
Turns out it's 10 mg.
And our pills are 2 mg.
Oh, well, of course that's the problem.
So I take FIVE!
Fast forward one last day:
The nurse comes to find me and
tells me she's figured out why
the claritin isn't working.
She showed me the pill bottle
and it says Loperamide.
The generic name for claritin
is Loratadine.
Loperamide is Immodium A-D.


Plans are coming together for the reunion with ::his:: side of the family. We sent out this invitation last week to let B & B know that everyone is coming! (We wanted it to be a good surprise, not a "what is everyone doing here?" panic-surprise).

Invitation instructions found here. We saved a LOT of time by cutting the pages with Husband's handy little dremel, though. It also put a cool-looking burn on the pages where they were cut. See everyone soon!

ps - thanks for the phone call, Bud! that was so nice!


::home:: old friends

this last weekend, we got to hang out with some of husband's college crew*
dave and natalie came down from slc to stay for a weekend before the baby comes (yea!) and as a celebration of the end of tax season. erin has been doing the UTAH tour for the last week or so and staying with angela here in town on her stg leg. on friday, these folks met up at zion national park to do some hiking...

{{just like old times, with a little more pink!}}

on saturday, we went out to visit dave's old stompin' grounds. he did his eagle project down here, building a trail, so we went out to see if it was still around fifteen years later. it's down in an area where we've never been before, and was just gorgeous! i've never been so close to so many joshua trees. sure enough, the trail was still there, a testament to BIG d's SKILLS.

it was great to be able to see you guys...and your wee ones...
and angela, we'll be calling. we're not waiting till Smith's this time!

*Sorry Max, Dem, Will, and Rachel. We missed you guys.

Approved by ::him::


::missing him :: our code

We have lots of codes. Most are secret, that we can use while we're at work, and nobody knows that we're being 'unprofessional' or anything of the sort.
::one of our newest::
wiggling my pointer finger at him.
::what it means::
well, everyone knows the sign for 'i love you', right? thumb up, pointer finger up, pinkie up, middle two fingers down. just figured the thumb must mean 'i', the pointer must mean 'love' and the pinkie must mean 'you'. so when you wiggle your pointer, it's just a shortened version, of stressing the love!
but now that i think about it, that doesn't seem real professional either.
{{image source unknown}}


::missing him:: reason number 5,483

that i love ::him::
#5483. cause he loves my family, too.
today he sent me the sweetest email. because he is...the sweetest. and anyone that can put up with all of us in that little tiny cabin...well, i'm just saying.


::home:: naturale eggs

In addition to our tie-dying eggs, we used natural materials to dye a whole rainbow into our (now zillions) of hard boiled eggs. We have blue and grey blue (brown eggs) from red cabbage, yellow and orange (brown eggs) from ground tumeric, and green and army green (brown eggs) from some double-dip action. We also have some tie dye effect-ish from red and yellow onion skins. And to be honest, these may not look as fancy as the other eggs, but these are my favorites. I just can't believe the beautiful colors we got!

A closer look at some favorites:

Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

For {{super easy}} instructions to come, check here.

::home:: since it's almost Easter...

we did a little project today and colored some easter eggs. no paas for us, though. this year, we used old silk ties, red cabbage, ground tumeric, yellow onions and red onions. and the results are FANTASTIC!

so first off, the silk ties project ::the before::::the during:: ::the after::

Thanks, husband, for the fun! Check back later for our egg dying a la naturale!


::postcard:: because she's one of the dopest people i know...

check her out here. i can't wait to see & read more!


my favourite quote comes from our nephew* their blog is private, so i must share:
he didn't want his hair combed {{duh - it was just done the night before!}}
he was jumping on the bed, avoiding the comb, and yelled out,
"Hey I can see myself in the mirror and I look awesome!"
now when husband and i are in the bathroom, brushing our teeth, one of us inevitably will look in the mirror and say it.
because when you look awesome, you just look awesome.
* {{this is one-half of the brother duo who taught me about calling someone 'that guy'}}


::missing him :: a series

You know how a waterbed will undulate for
a while after the other person gets up? That's sort of
{{photo by Dad at Death Valley sand dunes, 2008}}


::home:: thanks for coming!

Thanks to Bud & Barb for coming down for a visit this weekend! It was great to see you guys back down here again. We had fun hanging out around the house, doing lots of shopping, eating yummy food {{mmm, parrothead...}}, watching a movie {which shall remain nameless}, and even taking in a little mini golf {all 4 of us} and batting practice {husband and bud only - but barb and i were good spectators}.

can you guess who won the mini golf by the way we hold our clubs?

1st - Bud - looks like he should have won
2nd - Husband - i don't know - i think he may look like a 3rd placer. it's MINI golf here, not baseball
3rd - Barb - i think she looks like she should have come in behind bud

that's it. there's only three places. i didn't place. don't pity me. {but do check out my club. where is it? i'm not holding it with any technique - i just look like i'm about to start swinging at a rat or something. at least husband's swing fits into another sport!}

Thanks again, guys! We already miss you both and Annie!


::postcard:: bon anniversaire de mariage

to my Mom & Dad!
This is the big 3-5, so I hope you have fun celebrating!
Thanks so much for being such amazing parents and giving me so many wonderful memories.
I work with kids who have such rough family lives, and everyday I'm grateful for the way I was raised and the people who did it.
Here's to 35 more!
I love you!
{{photo circa 1975}}
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