::wandering:: earth hour SUCCESS!

...a total success!

Donny & Marie go dark at the Flamingo. Also, the Mirage, Trump Towers, Caesars Palace & Fremont Street

The Bellagio, Bally's, & Paris all turned out

Lights are out at New York, New York, Ex Calibur, the Luxor. Also, the red glow in the first picture is coming up from the Rio, the building we were on.

We had a three day weekend this week, so last minute we decided to head down to Vegas with Tresspasser to take part in some of the Earth Hour celebrations down there, and see the strip "go dark". We were actually a little skeptical about how many casinos would participate, but I was amazed! (Many more went dark than what I listed.) We had a beautiful view of the city and watched the casinos turn out, one by one. There is obviously an insane amount of light coming from Vegas, so the pics don't really don't really do justice as to how much actually went out, but look close and you can tell how many individual buildings went out.
Check out way better lit and unlit pictures from all over the world here and check back tomorrow to see more Earth Hour festivities! (it was sooo fun!)


Andrew, Erin & Alesa said...

I love the pictures! You guys are so fun!! I've done Earth Hour the past two years and have found that friends and family have been very supportive...Also, I think I've convinced Drew to do an "Earth Evening" (which includes no computer) every once in a while...we'll see how it goes!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
how fun to witness such an event. How often does this happen/ Once a year I guess? I like your earth clothes too! l,v.

Aika said...

That's so funny that you were there at the same time. What are the chances huh? That was pretty cool that you took shots of the earth day lights going out. I thought that was pretty cool too. I didn't even know that it was earth day. :) But got to agree with you, Vegas was so much fun!!! I'm glad I found your blog! Thanks for tracking me down.

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