::challenge:: reduce paper waste

so february is out and march is in...and with it, another challenge. i did pretty well with my water intake in february...my results are still over on the sidebare. i was way more successful on weekdays than on weekends, but still feel pretty satisfied with the outcome. and i still love water, which i think is more than ma soeur can say.
moving on...
in honor of Earth Hour later this month, we chose our paper challenge for march. idea:: reduce all paper waste created - i.e. no paper towels (soeur bought us cute little monogrammed handkerchiefs to carry around to dry our hands), no paper napkin, no paper plates (dishes of any kind), utensils, etc. the goal is to become very focused and AWARE of our paper waste so as to reduce it in any possible way. (and to answer your question before you even ask, we are not cutting out tp. some things are necessary. but we do hope to reduce.)

also, as a side goal, this month we're going to be checking out some of the homemade cleaning solutions that there are recipes out there for. i'll let you know if i find any that i really like (and if you have any that you'd recommend, i'd LOVE to hear about them). i'm sort of a clean freak, so we'll see how these work out for us.
so that's this month. as always, feel free to join in with this month's challenge!

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the Rew Crew said...

Nothing beats vinegar and baking soda. Love it! Also, this is not homemade, but I am totally addicted to using Simple Green. It has replaced just about every cleaner we use.

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