::wandering:: at the Rio

...so at 7:45 we were high tailing it through the casinos to get to get out to our car, so we could make the drive to the Rio in time for the lights shutting out. we knew they were doing a 'celebration' up at the VooDoo Lounge (sooooo not our style) on the 51st floor, so we were making that our destination for the hour. we got up there at about 8:20 and there were practically no people, but we were excited to see that it was an open rooftop with about 3 levels you could get to.

it was mostly media folks that were up there to get some pics, and a few early club goers. husband, my ever chatty guy, started talking with the PR folks and photographers right away, and made us a few friends. {{not however, good enough to get us a comp-ed suite. shoot!}} since we were, apparently, the only people that came specifically to enjoy Earth Hour, folks associated with the hotels were asking us questions like, "So, what environmental groups do you belong to?" and doing their best to convince us how incredibly eco their 'properties' are.
i did my part to perpetuate the enviromentalist stereotypes by wearing my tie-dye t shirt. you're welcome, sierra club.

just after i finished making my little signs (i do love a sign picture!), some of our 'friends' came over. they were ready to leave and wanted a picture of us, so i guess we're practically celebrities... they also came bearing goodies and brought us a few decks of cards, some pins (that we will wear proudly) and some posters.

all in all, it was a great night, even sans alcoholic eco-tinis, and we can't wait for next year...maybe we'll get brave enough to host our own earth hour party? nah, vegas was too much fun. but you're all invited!


Kelly said...

I love that you wore your tie dye t-shirt. =)

Chad said...

The best part is that after we left we saw a sign at the entrance explaining that the dress code was modern hip...no hats...no shorts

two strikes for me...but we ARE hip in our own minds.

Julia Jae said...

Love it! You guys seem to have so much fun together!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
what a place to celebrate Earth and it's hour!!! YOu two have fun not matter what you do!!! Hurray for the pin and posters!!!
l, V.

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