::wandering:: at the Rio

...so at 7:45 we were high tailing it through the casinos to get to get out to our car, so we could make the drive to the Rio in time for the lights shutting out. we knew they were doing a 'celebration' up at the VooDoo Lounge (sooooo not our style) on the 51st floor, so we were making that our destination for the hour. we got up there at about 8:20 and there were practically no people, but we were excited to see that it was an open rooftop with about 3 levels you could get to.

it was mostly media folks that were up there to get some pics, and a few early club goers. husband, my ever chatty guy, started talking with the PR folks and photographers right away, and made us a few friends. {{not however, good enough to get us a comp-ed suite. shoot!}} since we were, apparently, the only people that came specifically to enjoy Earth Hour, folks associated with the hotels were asking us questions like, "So, what environmental groups do you belong to?" and doing their best to convince us how incredibly eco their 'properties' are.
i did my part to perpetuate the enviromentalist stereotypes by wearing my tie-dye t shirt. you're welcome, sierra club.

just after i finished making my little signs (i do love a sign picture!), some of our 'friends' came over. they were ready to leave and wanted a picture of us, so i guess we're practically celebrities... they also came bearing goodies and brought us a few decks of cards, some pins (that we will wear proudly) and some posters.

all in all, it was a great night, even sans alcoholic eco-tinis, and we can't wait for next year...maybe we'll get brave enough to host our own earth hour party? nah, vegas was too much fun. but you're all invited!


::wandering:: earth hour SUCCESS!

...a total success!

Donny & Marie go dark at the Flamingo. Also, the Mirage, Trump Towers, Caesars Palace & Fremont Street

The Bellagio, Bally's, & Paris all turned out

Lights are out at New York, New York, Ex Calibur, the Luxor. Also, the red glow in the first picture is coming up from the Rio, the building we were on.

We had a three day weekend this week, so last minute we decided to head down to Vegas with Tresspasser to take part in some of the Earth Hour celebrations down there, and see the strip "go dark". We were actually a little skeptical about how many casinos would participate, but I was amazed! (Many more went dark than what I listed.) We had a beautiful view of the city and watched the casinos turn out, one by one. There is obviously an insane amount of light coming from Vegas, so the pics don't really don't really do justice as to how much actually went out, but look close and you can tell how many individual buildings went out.
Check out way better lit and unlit pictures from all over the world here and check back tomorrow to see more Earth Hour festivities! (it was sooo fun!)


...don't forget...!

It's tomorrow!

{{Get more info here}}



::home:: my favourite

item in our house right now

is this blue chair.
old fabric and all.
{{see a similar before here }}


::postcard:: happy springtime

For the first day of {{SPRING}} we are enjoying 83 degree weather.

Wish we could see the tulips in da Netherlands, but

Would settle for here.

It's the month before our trip, though, so
Sister, you'd better go for me.


::not missing him:: a limerick!

There once was a fella named Chad
Whose kissing was not-at-all bad.
He's really quite clever,
Succeeds at any endeavor,
Oh yeah, he's totally rad.
{{especially cuz he came home with me tonight! and it's a monday}}


::postcard:: sending out ::eighty:: years worth of love...

to my Grandma Joyce.

Last weekend she had a BIG birthday, with a BIG party and over 70 of her 112 descendents in attendance. There were 80 wildflowers for her, 80 cupcakes, a wonderful dinner, lots of catching up with family (and gasps at how big some of them are. am i realy that old? at least i don't feel as old as the aunts and uncles?!? :) A lot of folks did a lot of planning to make her feel special. We all loved seeing some of her "Dutch" items that remind us of her, as well some of her projects that she's worked on through the years and are familiar objects in her home.

The original cast

The pictures don't do it justice, but it was a wonderful night. I'm so glad I was able to be there to celebrate with you, Grandma! Congratulations on another milestone...you're an amazing example of love and strength to everyone you come in contact and I'm proud to call you my Grandma. I love you!!!

(don't you love the refrigerator picture? i totally think she looks like she could be doing a commercial for her frigidaire! and no worries, i now have old scanned pictures of both my grammas, and my mom. there will definitely be more to come!)


::missing him:: a series

yep, it's a monday night again... i've watched the season finale of the bachelor and finished my cleaning, and am wasting too much time on the internet...and...missing him.


::challenge:: reduce paper waste

so february is out and march is in...and with it, another challenge. i did pretty well with my water intake in february...my results are still over on the sidebare. i was way more successful on weekdays than on weekends, but still feel pretty satisfied with the outcome. and i still love water, which i think is more than ma soeur can say.
moving on...
in honor of Earth Hour later this month, we chose our paper challenge for march. idea:: reduce all paper waste created - i.e. no paper towels (soeur bought us cute little monogrammed handkerchiefs to carry around to dry our hands), no paper napkin, no paper plates (dishes of any kind), utensils, etc. the goal is to become very focused and AWARE of our paper waste so as to reduce it in any possible way. (and to answer your question before you even ask, we are not cutting out tp. some things are necessary. but we do hope to reduce.)

also, as a side goal, this month we're going to be checking out some of the homemade cleaning solutions that there are recipes out there for. i'll let you know if i find any that i really like (and if you have any that you'd recommend, i'd LOVE to hear about them). i'm sort of a clean freak, so we'll see how these work out for us.
so that's this month. as always, feel free to join in with this month's challenge!
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