::challenge:: 64 ounces a day

we decided at the beginning of the year that together we (moi & ma soeur) would work on a common goal every month. so what if your resolution drops by the wayside after two weeks? with our plan, there's a new beginning no more than 30 days away! last month was a {secret} but the goal for february is:

drink the recommended 8 cups of water per day

i started yesterday. i thought this would be easy: we don't keep soda or anything in the house and i always order water at restaurants. but it's pretty hard to empty those nalgenes. watch my progress (or lack) on the sidebar and wish us luck!

if you'd like to join in, be our guest. so far, it's me and sis, and i think husband is going to try it out, too.

find photo here


blackstarmonkey: NINJA COWGIRL EXTRAORDINAIRE said...

today i am already feeling waterlogged. I hope my water phobia doesn't start back in until march. or this will be a long month. drawn out sigh.

Anonymous said...

V. here..
No Comment...I have tried this before and it is way tooooo much. I 'd rather fill the swimming pool with a dixie cup.
love V

Anonymous said...

V. here,
i love this photo of us three and the statue. Such fun memories.
I can't wait to see two and to travel to seattle too.

Anonymous said...

V. here...
I am sorry I am messing up your nice blog. I just saw may comment that makes not sense cause it is supposed to go to the next picture in the next space.????
As long as I am not making sense....I think that end photo of you and Soeur (SP) (in front of the murals over on the right side) is so funny. Soeur has a funny look at you.
love V.
Love you both...

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