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about this...

it's just hard to get a decent picture in our house.

i used the fabrics to make 'curtains' for our 'patio' sliding door.

translation: i cut the fabric and knotted the pieces together.
the end.


Erich said...

I love how creative you are. Pretty fun curtains that's for sure!

w&v said...

Here's an idea ... using Photoshop, combine the two images of your curtains. By earasing either the too dark, or too light portions you may end up with just the right picture! --WC

Anonymous said...

V. here..
So Fast.A very quick solution. Looks nice with the table etc.
love. V.

Tiffany said...

Wow! I was going to SEW curtains for my window, but what a waste of thread! Did you just have all those fabrics lying around? I love your color choices and everything you make is beautiful (at least the ones that make it onto the blog) =)

liso. said...

i actually went out and bought this fabric for the curtains... i had similar curtains in one of my college houses, though. i just bought the uber cheap remnants at wal-mart and tore them. way quicker, and it looked just as good. i would recommend going that way if i were going to do it again... just a hint!

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