::home:: fun with the boys (and their parents)

What a great weekend. Ryan, Camie, Colton, Carter, and Spencer came down a spent the weekend with us. They got in Friday night and we broke out the light-sabers right away.

Jedi in their new V-day robes

We hit the trail early on Saturday and did some Geo-caching before visiting the "dead animal museum" also known as the Rosenbaugh Wildlife Museum. We had fun looking for bears and cougars among the stuffed wildlife. Seemed very fitting that the gun show was going on next door.

finding treasure

The boys kept us all entertained with their quotes and antics. The funniest thing was to watch them chase the remote controll car while Ryan and I drove it. I can't believe how much energy they have.

in hot pursuit

They left Sunday afternoon and Alison and I both napped for over an hour. I don't know how Ryan and Camie can keep up.

Thanks for coming guys. We love you guys and miss you already. We can't wait for the weather to get a little nicer and go camping.


liso. said...

Thanks for coming, you guys! We really did have so much fun with you and the boys...we're ready to schedule a camping trip as soon the snow melts! Love you!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
What cute Jedi robes!! AND I can't believe how much there is always to do in S G. The dead animal museum sounds fun.
love, V.

blackstarmonkey: NINJA COWGIRL EXTRAORDINAIRE said...

i love those little robes too. what an awesome gift...lucky!!

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