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It's been a quiet, rainy weekend, and all I could ask for is more Chad time. (This is another 'half' weekend for him when he goes in on Sunday mid-morning.)

Our weekend consisted of:
1. Taking advantage of breaks in the rain to take the puppies out....even with the rain it's single-layer-shirt weather!
2. A weekend projecto! That guy* said that I told him it was my project and then tricked him into helping. No such thing! More to come on the (successful) projecto later...
3. Brunch at The Egg & I ...I thought it was an independent little breakfast place, but it turns out it's a franchised chain...I got the Mediterranean Crepe and while it was good, there was no crepe involved. Anywhere. ????
4. Defiance. The groups' story is extraordinary; amazing acting, (why do I love this guy so much? everytime i see him, i love him, but i want to see more!) and obvious heartwrenching material, but the story lacked something. The Huzz fell asleep at one (little) point. I probably cried through the whole thing, but again, that's just subject matter. Am interested to learn more -
5. New dog beds. Is that blog worthy? Probably not to you, but to me. Those beds were disgusting and I'm so happy to have them out.of.the.house.
6. And solo - once that guy* left, I watched (Masterpiece) Miss Austen Regrets, courtesy of ma mere. She left it for me when she was here for my birthday and I FINALLY got around to watching it...so beautiful...the scenery and architecture and filming were gorgeous. It just made me wish for white-washed cottage walls and a big field to run through while wearing a long dress! But at least I got my Mr. Darcy! (Next time Huzz is away, I'll watch Sense and Sensibility)
*i have adopted the usage of 'that guy' from nephews colton and carter. when i saw them a few weeks back and met their new little brother, they kept referring to him as this guy/that guy. so cute - i just loved it. now i'm often calling through the house, "hey, guy?"

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Anonymous said...

V. here...
I am so glad you FINALLY got to see "Miss Austen Regrets". And I'm glad you liked it!! If you really will "run through a big field" (with the dogs, of course) I will be glad to sew you a circa Jane Austen long dress to wear.
Have you gone to the janeaustensociety website yet? Did you see the article there about the "Twilight" and Jane Austen connection? I have not seen or read twilight so it didn't mean as much to me. love , V.

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