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We finally have a headboard!
After three years, there's more to our bed than just a frame. After checking out a couple of DIY tutorials online, we just decided to do it our way. We did a standard rectangle and it was a piece-of-cake. (cuz HUZZ did the cutting and hanging!) For a queen size bed, we did a headboard that was 28 inches x 64 inches. We were going to use foam, but it was a lot more expensive, so we used 10 ounce batting and cut 3 layers to the exact size of the wood. Then we covered with fabric, stapled it all on, and TA DA!
we feel so fancy.


Balagna Bunch said...

So cool. Nice project guys. Ryan likes that I come up with projects to do and he ends up doing a lot of the work.

Carter is looking at blogs with me and said, "We need to go see Chad and Alison this week!"

Tiffany said...

Love it-- so much nicer than any store-bought headboards I've seen, too.

Lanelle said...

Very Awesome! This is on our list too! Soon I hope! I changed my "blog title" thanks to you! Hope you don't mind! :)

Julia Jae said...

I love your house. Can you please come decorate mine?! Your headboard looks awesome! I love DIY projects!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fancy boutique hotel at some cool travel destination.
You two are the type of folks who make DIY projects sound so easy, but when I try...it is never that easy for me. The more projects you do the better you get and the farther the divide between you two and real folks like me.
Anyway, it looks fabulous!!!

liso. said...

Bs - YES! and soon!
Tiffany - and soooo super easy. Good luck if you're going to try one!
Lanelle - of course I don't mind...I'm flattered, if anything!
JJ - thank you! i love diy, too, ESPECIALLY when they turn out!
V - well, if it looks like such a cool destination, why don't you destin here? you're more than welcome....!!!! love you!

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