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Puppies got spoiled for Christmas.
While we were in California, the puppies went to the Pet Resort
(I'm actually not kidding - that's the name.)
They were there for 48 hours and then a friend of ours picked them up and watched them for us.
they were there on Christmas Day.
So the Pet Resort made them a stocking with both names on it....
and gave them each a stuffed, squeaky toy.
(RIP brown reindeer, but the green bone lives on)

And B&B gave each puppy:
a new soft fleece blanket
a bag of red-and-green-white-chocolate-dipped-milkbones (pictured above, with stocking).
Merry Christmas, puppies! You're going to hope we leave every year!


blackstarmonkey said...

how in the h did you get puppies to be so good for picture time? they look like such well-behaved, still puppies! That's only partially accurate... what lucky puppies to get so much love...

Anonymous said...

Wayne and I would like to go to this place with the puppies next year!

Dave and Lindsey said...

Too cute. I'd like to see this resort. Sounds like a puppy paradise.

Carrie "Pie" said...

That is so funny! Those are some nice looking dogs.

Anonymous said...

v. here...
These dogs look so innocent and well behaved... how wonderful to have such great dogs.
When I was freezing at the Wild Rose Campground at Death Valley, it's a good thing I didn't know the dogs were living it up at the Pet Resort!! But now, all I have are the memories!!! And they are wonderful!!love, v.

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