::wandering:: oh honda, my honda

(on a nearly cross-country road trip, I believe heading west to east)
This car is the greatest...I love my car. Huzz hates my car, but that's another story. This baby is about to hit 225,000 miles. She's generic and blue, and almost twenty years old. She's taken me from Utah to Arkansas to Wyoming and back to Utah and then took us both to Arizona and then back to Utah. Before I had her, she took my bros family from Arkansas to Utah to California back to Utah to Louisiana and back to Utah. She's got some trippin' under her belt. She's car-payment-free, represents freedom, and I've loved her from the moment I got her.
Long live Blue Honda!


blackstarmonkey said...

that honda has seen more of your life than probably anyone but yourself? do you realize that?! what a good little piece of machinery. i salute you, honda!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
I remember this trip!!!It was super. I think this photo was taken in KANSAS.
What!! Are the bicycles on top your insurance??
I am so glad it brings you so many good memories.. Here's to many more..Love, V.

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