I joined the digital age late. Like I didn't think I'd ever be interested in a digital camera. In fact, when developing my pictures, I even said 'no' to the extra one dollar charge to get your pictures on a disk. Oh, how I regret it now.
Flash forward: When Chad and I were engaged we realized we had no pictures of us together (something about a rocky history, trash, bonfires, destruction, etc., etc.) so we decided to start taking a Picture of the Day. Sometimes fun, sometimes a drag. Last night as we were talking, we realized we don't have any of those. Who knew what happened to them?
Flash forward to this morning: I decided to go through some of my old pics and see what I could find. Treasures! I found treasures, not the least of which is one of those disks that has some of our Pictures of the Day. (Chad must have been the one dropping off the film) So, here, ladies and gentlemen, is the first-ever POD on our blog, circa 2005 August. ish.
My other best treasure was a disk that Dad sent to me in college when I was doing some sort of report, and it has probably a hundred old pics of my mom and my gramma, some i don't even remember seeing. So you may see some of those later, too. (much to mom's chagrine, i'm sure)


Anonymous said...

Ahh bonfires and destruction. Campus Plaza was fun.

I myself prefer dish demolishment myself... fond memories. :)


Jennica said...

Awe, so cute...love it! And you look H-O-T girl!!!

P.S. I am glad you found them, there is NOTHING worse than losing something like pictures!!!

blackstarmonkey said...

so hawt. how many years have you knowed of each other?

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