::wandering:: california christmas, meeting SHAMU

San Diego = Seaworld.
Seaworld = Shamu.
Shamu = Spectacular!
Shamu Stadium: Doing the sign for *SPLASH*

Okay, so I was totally mesmerized by the Shamus. Seriously, amazing. But there's something sad about trained animals, I think. I mean, they look happy when they're flying through the air, but since they're just doing it because of a sign...I don't know. I'd love to hear any opinions since I'm not super educated on trained marine animals...
...some folks I just love...

There's some very scary things at SeaWorld...like the polar bear caves. Or shark jaws.

oh, that's just my family. hanging in the caves.

Touching (& tasting!) the ice wall in the polar bear exhibit.


blackstarmonkey said...

if shamu was a sign in rock-paper-scissors-shamu game, shamu would crush EVERYTHING. very lovingly, that is.

Erich said...

I jut love the pics you guys take!

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking such great family pics. I love them all.
love, V

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