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On 'Amusement Park Day,' we split up. Mom and Dad went with Rachel, Gabriel, and Amber to Disneyland while the rest of us went to Six Flags...and it was sooooo fun! It's been ages since we've been on roller coasters. Now we're thinking season passes...?
The Viper...The Riddler
We were there before the gates opened, ran in and rode as many rides as we could for about two hours with short lines. Then we stood in line for TWO AND A HALF HOURS to ride the new X-2 ride - it was C R a Z y (we had no idea the line would be so long. if we had known, there's NO way we would have waited!). We (the big kids) spent the day there with Kimberly and were all totally impressed with her willingness to ride every.single.ride at ten years old!

Thanks to everyone for such a fun (and stomach-dropping) day!


Anonymous said...

V. here
I love the last photo where everybody is still screaming from the effects of the day. This group is a little too adventurous for my tastes. love, V.

Walters Gram said...

That's why I opted to decline the trip, V, but congrats on having such lively and brilliant "Little-Big Cox's".
C & A: On next trip could I be included with the puppies - think I could keep up with that high-style living?????

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