::home:: project-os

by the way,
that is pronounced pro-yect-os in our house.
and since i had friday off, i'm afraid i may have been overconfident and started one too many project-os {read: two}
BUT here's the before on project-o #1
we'll see if i get it finished. cross your fingers.


::home:: just another day at the office...

Part of our company cutbacks in this economy mean that we're all taking on some extra work {thank you!} to cover those that have been let go. Chad is doing the job of at least three folks now...and part of this includes graduations of our students. He stays out in the field for two nights with the students and their folks to make sure they all have a good experience. One of the student's dad was sweet enough to send this beautiful picture of my honey hard at work!

On another note, yesterday while I was out in the field, some mustang decided to race me for a while...absolutely beautiful! Kinda makes us remember how much we love our jobs {and how grateful we are to have them!}


::home:: remember this...?

back when it wasn't finished?

one saturday night, he came in and said he thought he'd work on the stairs. after a few moments of disbelief ( "what? you don't start a project like this on a saturday NIGHT?!? you plan it out and you prep and you shop ahead and then you start working on it early saturday morning so you..." ) i headed to the depot to pick up some supplies and came home to a house COVERED in dust. i mean, literally. THICK. so i retreated to our bedroom. and honey did the WHOLE thing. scraped, sanded, stained, and poly-ed. when i emerged sunday morning, we had beautiful, smooth, shiny new stairs!



::home:: DIY headboard

We finally have a headboard!
After three years, there's more to our bed than just a frame. After checking out a couple of DIY tutorials online, we just decided to do it our way. We did a standard rectangle and it was a piece-of-cake. (cuz HUZZ did the cutting and hanging!) For a queen size bed, we did a headboard that was 28 inches x 64 inches. We were going to use foam, but it was a lot more expensive, so we used 10 ounce batting and cut 3 layers to the exact size of the wood. Then we covered with fabric, stapled it all on, and TA DA!
we feel so fancy.


::home:: weekend update

It's been a quiet, rainy weekend, and all I could ask for is more Chad time. (This is another 'half' weekend for him when he goes in on Sunday mid-morning.)

Our weekend consisted of:
1. Taking advantage of breaks in the rain to take the puppies out....even with the rain it's single-layer-shirt weather!
2. A weekend projecto! That guy* said that I told him it was my project and then tricked him into helping. No such thing! More to come on the (successful) projecto later...
3. Brunch at The Egg & I ...I thought it was an independent little breakfast place, but it turns out it's a franchised chain...I got the Mediterranean Crepe and while it was good, there was no crepe involved. Anywhere. ????
4. Defiance. The groups' story is extraordinary; amazing acting, (why do I love this guy so much? everytime i see him, i love him, but i want to see more!) and obvious heartwrenching material, but the story lacked something. The Huzz fell asleep at one (little) point. I probably cried through the whole thing, but again, that's just subject matter. Am interested to learn more -
5. New dog beds. Is that blog worthy? Probably not to you, but to me. Those beds were disgusting and I'm so happy to have them out.of.the.house.
6. And solo - once that guy* left, I watched (Masterpiece) Miss Austen Regrets, courtesy of ma mere. She left it for me when she was here for my birthday and I FINALLY got around to watching it...so beautiful...the scenery and architecture and filming were gorgeous. It just made me wish for white-washed cottage walls and a big field to run through while wearing a long dress! But at least I got my Mr. Darcy! (Next time Huzz is away, I'll watch Sense and Sensibility)
*i have adopted the usage of 'that guy' from nephews colton and carter. when i saw them a few weeks back and met their new little brother, they kept referring to him as this guy/that guy. so cute - i just loved it. now i'm often calling through the house, "hey, guy?"


::wandering:: oh honda, my honda

(on a nearly cross-country road trip, I believe heading west to east)
This car is the greatest...I love my car. Huzz hates my car, but that's another story. This baby is about to hit 225,000 miles. She's generic and blue, and almost twenty years old. She's taken me from Utah to Arkansas to Wyoming and back to Utah and then took us both to Arizona and then back to Utah. Before I had her, she took my bros family from Arkansas to Utah to California back to Utah to Louisiana and back to Utah. She's got some trippin' under her belt. She's car-payment-free, represents freedom, and I've loved her from the moment I got her.
Long live Blue Honda!


{edit}: make one here. let me know if you do so we can check it out!
(see sisters here)


I joined the digital age late. Like I didn't think I'd ever be interested in a digital camera. In fact, when developing my pictures, I even said 'no' to the extra one dollar charge to get your pictures on a disk. Oh, how I regret it now.
Flash forward: When Chad and I were engaged we realized we had no pictures of us together (something about a rocky history, trash, bonfires, destruction, etc., etc.) so we decided to start taking a Picture of the Day. Sometimes fun, sometimes a drag. Last night as we were talking, we realized we don't have any of those. Who knew what happened to them?
Flash forward to this morning: I decided to go through some of my old pics and see what I could find. Treasures! I found treasures, not the least of which is one of those disks that has some of our Pictures of the Day. (Chad must have been the one dropping off the film) So, here, ladies and gentlemen, is the first-ever POD on our blog, circa 2005 August. ish.
My other best treasure was a disk that Dad sent to me in college when I was doing some sort of report, and it has probably a hundred old pics of my mom and my gramma, some i don't even remember seeing. So you may see some of those later, too. (much to mom's chagrine, i'm sure)

:wandering:: sur le mur

soeur and i have become (medium) obsessed with murals and colored walls. so, for your viewing enjoyment, my sidebar will be updated with some of my faves. enjoy!


::postcard:: GRAMMA faye!

Just a note to let you know how much we missed you at Christmas.
We had fun, but it isn't the same without Gramma Faye.

We love you and hope we get to see you soon!

ps- Thanks for the hot pads! They'll definitely make an appearance next year!


::home:: tonight...

i am missing him.
come home soon, love.


::home:: a puppy christmas

Puppies got spoiled for Christmas.
While we were in California, the puppies went to the Pet Resort
(I'm actually not kidding - that's the name.)
They were there for 48 hours and then a friend of ours picked them up and watched them for us.
they were there on Christmas Day.
So the Pet Resort made them a stocking with both names on it....
and gave them each a stuffed, squeaky toy.
(RIP brown reindeer, but the green bone lives on)

And B&B gave each puppy:
a new soft fleece blanket
a bag of red-and-green-white-chocolate-dipped-milkbones (pictured above, with stocking).
Merry Christmas, puppies! You're going to hope we leave every year!


::wandering:: california christmas, meeting SHAMU

San Diego = Seaworld.
Seaworld = Shamu.
Shamu = Spectacular!
Shamu Stadium: Doing the sign for *SPLASH*

Okay, so I was totally mesmerized by the Shamus. Seriously, amazing. But there's something sad about trained animals, I think. I mean, they look happy when they're flying through the air, but since they're just doing it because of a sign...I don't know. I'd love to hear any opinions since I'm not super educated on trained marine animals...
...some folks I just love...

There's some very scary things at SeaWorld...like the polar bear caves. Or shark jaws.

oh, that's just my family. hanging in the caves.

Touching (& tasting!) the ice wall in the polar bear exhibit.


::wandering:: seaworld was THIS MUCH fun

(more seaworld pics tomorrow)


::wandering:: why does CALIFORNIA have the best murals?

She is the cooh-lest.
(and don't worry - we'll find some here, too)


::wandering:: california christmas KOA camping

After our three nights in LA, we headed south to San Diego...and the KOA! We are big KOA people...we had two two-room cabins that were side by side and slept on bunk beds!

(One of the best things about the San Diego KOA was their outdoor community kitchen. We only used it for heating up water for hot chocolate, but you could seriously make a gourmet feast in there!)
Next time you're planning a family vacation, I totally recommend checking it out!

::wandering:: california christmas 6 flags

On 'Amusement Park Day,' we split up. Mom and Dad went with Rachel, Gabriel, and Amber to Disneyland while the rest of us went to Six Flags...and it was sooooo fun! It's been ages since we've been on roller coasters. Now we're thinking season passes...?
The Viper...The Riddler
We were there before the gates opened, ran in and rode as many rides as we could for about two hours with short lines. Then we stood in line for TWO AND A HALF HOURS to ride the new X-2 ride - it was C R a Z y (we had no idea the line would be so long. if we had known, there's NO way we would have waited!). We (the big kids) spent the day there with Kimberly and were all totally impressed with her willingness to ride every.single.ride at ten years old!

Thanks to everyone for such a fun (and stomach-dropping) day!

::wandering:: california christmas, los angeles

After Christmas we all loaded in the cars and headed to LA.

First stop, the BEACH!

...Manhattan Beach.
Stay tuned for Christmas pics!
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