::home:: PROBLEM: Solved. *and only a small panic attack*

So I put up these ornaments in our ceiling while doing Christmas decorating #3. Beautiful. Then I took a shower (you'll see how they're related soon). When I came downstairs, one ornament had fallen out. When I stood on a chair to put it back in, there was a teeny tiny drop of water. I wiped it away and it came back bigger. I did it again (rinse:lather:repeat). It kept getting bigger. This little drop of water coming out of the hole I made with a pushpin. I *slightly* panicked, so ::honey:: looked at it and said no problem. We put a pan under it and the drip got faster.

So ::honey:: went out to his garage and got his drill and DRILLED a HOLE in the CEILING! Water, a strong steady stream, came out for about fifteen minutes. That's a lot of water! (::honey:: kept telling me it wasn't that big of a deal) But that WATER was in the CEILING! That's not okay, that's not right, that's not a little deal. That's a big deal! Water? Hello? BIG DEAL! So I had a little panic attack, I cried a *tiny* bit and bemoaned the fact that our ceiling was going to cave in and our house was going to fall apart. Then I went to bed because I couldn't handle anymore in one night.

The next day, I came to my senses and listened to ::honey:: We went and bought a new shower curtain and a new shower head. Turns out the old crappy showerhead was spraying water DIRECTLY out of the shower curtain and then falling directly down into the floor because the old crappy laminate floor has peeled away from the tub. So problem solved. And we have a new resolve to FINALLY finish that bathroom.

*side note: I wish I would have known what a difference an eight dollar showerhead could make. I think of all of the crappy showers I took while I was in college in crappy apts... they all could have been a completely different experience with eight dollars and five minutes. I urge you, if you are not pleased with your shower head, CHANGE IT. Easy-peasy. (Well, for ::him:: - I didn't actually do it myself.)


Balagna Bunch said...

I would have cried too but I am glad that it is all fix and that you have a better shower head.

Jennica said...

What would have happened had you not decided to poke holes in that spot! I am glad you did not have a disaster after all. That reminds me, I wanted to hang some balls down like that in front of my kitchen window...thanks. =)

P.S. I think your blog ROCKS!

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Water coming down from the ceiling drives me crazy too. i'm glad yours was easy to fix. Love, V. I liked the showerhead advice too.

anjobanjo said...

if only we would have thought to change that CRAPPY head at BDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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