::postcard:: Merry CHRISTMAS!

...to everyone! We are with my family in Death Valley National Park, enjoying a Christmas morning around the fire pit. If everything has gone well, we decorated a Christmas tree somewhere in the park and sang Christmas carols last night and this morning we're eating a Mountain Man dutch oven breakfast and exchanging stockings that we each filled for each other. I hope your Christmas morning is just as memorable and filled with loved ones. We'll fill you in on the rest of our adventures when we get back! Hope everyone enjoys their Christmas afternoon naps!


anjobanjo said...

What a super cool Christmas tradition!! That sounds amazing!! "Can I come and play too????" BTW, you look gorgeous!!! Miss you...come up and stay awhile!

Erich said...

Great pic of you guys. Your Christmas sounds so fun...what a cool way to celebrate.

Carrie "Pie" said...

Hey Alison! I appreciate your comments on my blog! I wanted to tell you that I'm going private so if you can get me your email address, I'll invite you. my email: ohne1nick@yahoo.com. Thanks

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