::home:: it's beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

(This is one of our doing students making his final run to meet his folks after his 90-ish day stay with the program - usually I don't put up student pics for *confidentiality*, but no problem here!)

It's been a long time coming, but we finally got some SNOW. And some serious snow. It's not unusual to get huge amounts out in the field where we work, but it's even falling in our little town. It makes the lights look twinkly-er, the homes seems cozy-er and my cheeks a little rosy-er.

(sad about the lack of snowflakes in ours - but we have to take what we can get when we both want to be in the pic! Can you believe this is us AT WORK? Sometimes I just love my job)

Hope everyone is having fun with their Christmas planning! I can't wait for our old-fashioned-Laura-Ingalls-camping-in-the-desert-outside-tree-with-homemade-decorations-practical-real-life-nativity-Christmas-in-Death-Valley with my brothers and sister and folks!

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Jennica said...

Such cute pics...did Anna teach you a thing or two, or where did you learn?

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