My brother Ryan and his wife Camie were kind enough to invite us up for Thanksgiving at their house. My sister Jenny, her husband Casey, and their two kids came down from Logan bringing the total to ten (with one on the way). Ryan and Camie are saints for letting us run amuck in their beautiful new home. Thanksgiving turned out great. Everyone contributed food and took turns cooking. We spend some time Geo-caching and Ryan and I got to watch the new James Bond while the moms and the kids went to Move it Move it (Madagascar II). Needless to say there was a lot of light saber fights. During the day after Thanksgiving sales, Alison picked me up a light-saber. Not just any light-saber, but a Darth Vader light-saber with lights and whamp wamp and crackle sounds. I barely got it out of the package before the boys were playing with it. They kept running to the bathroom to see the lights and look at themselves in the mirror. Even Ryan was impressed (which is no small task), I suspect he might have been checking himself out in the mirror sometime during the night.
Uncle Chad from Colton Carter and Brendan's point of view

We had a great time, got lots of snuggles, heard lots of laughter, and defeated many Roger Rogers. Thanks Ryan and Camie for letting us come. Thanks to Jenny and Casey for the games. Thanks to Brendan, Colton, and Carter for keeping us entertained. And thank you Sequoia (June Bug) for being so cute and not waking up during our battles.

Happy Thanksgiving! (family photo by Camie)


Anonymous said...

V. here...
Sunds like the perfect Thanksgiving: Family and Fun. Did the light-saber survive? Will it live to entertain for another holiday? I love the nephews and star wars stories! love,v.

The Ringer Family said...

Had a blast, we miss you guys and Brendan keeps asking when we're going to your house...not soon enough!

liso. said...

It was soo fun and so great to see everyone. I'm still uber-super bummed that I left my camera at home! Boo for no REAL "force" pictures! love you, sweets. thanks for the post (unsolicited, even!)

Balagna Bunch said...

we had a great thanksgiving too. thanks for being a part of it and chilling with the boys.

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