The Mo party was a success. Although we weren't big money-raisers for the cause, we raised awareness like you wouldn't believe. I think we had a total off 11 of our guys participating, though many shaved before our 12/2 party. (or earlier - familial obligations like family photos!)

I think ::chad:: looks amazing with this mo...but he refused to keep it. boo.
We played "Pin the MO on the...dude" (ahem...I won't mention who it was) and ate lots of yummy food...it may even become an annual event!
Some of our Mr/Ms MOVEMBER contestants:

Even soeur got in on the action from a distance....
And the winner...
Let us know if you want to come next year!

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Jennica said...

What a great idea! Looks like so much fun. I wish we lived closer to eachother, I think we would have lots of fun hanging out.

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