What if it's all a scam?

So I think it’s pretty widely known news that Mother’s is out. Yep, that fabulous little circus striped package – no more. Apparently, they’ve declared banktuptcy, the whole shebang. I’m sad. I love those cookies. You find a treat/snack that’s nearly pure sugar, I’ll love it. Smarties, check. Candy corn, check. Conversation hearts, double check...

When I was in Target, look at what I found:Stacks and stacks, rows and rows. So I mighta bought a few. THEN I thought, “What if it was just a scam? What if they’re NOT really closing down cookie production? What if this is a genius marketing plan to get folks to start buy-buy-buying these little unidentifiable animal cookies in the midst of a recession?”

Then I realized: denial. The first stage: I'm grieving. So I'll eat my cookies. And maybe go back and buy more when mine are gone. And probably buy this shirt in memorium.


Joanna said...

Ok Allison, You can't leave a comment and then disappear on me. You didn't tell me how I could talk to you! That is crazy that you found me. How did you find me? Your blog is super cute! It is very creative! My kind of girl! I never knew you were so creative!. Where are you living? Tell me Tell me! Joanna

The Ringer Family said...

you're hilarious!

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