::postcard:: uh-oh

if i ever offended you, i apologize. if i, specifically, offended you approximately 2 years, ten months, and 17 days ago, then i really, really apologize.
see, i was going through some boxes that are STILL packed up and i just found THANK YOU cards from OUR WEDDING!!!!!!!!! (no, not enough exclamation points.) we sent most of them out, but i've got about dozen or so here, and it looks like they were waiting on addresses...they were written, just not sent.
so i am really sorry if you never received a thank you card for your wonderful gift (and i know it was wonderful because we made several comments several times about how weird it was that we didn't one single toilet paper cozy or the like) but i will do my best to send an amazingly heartfelt thank you card like you've never read.
and i really am really sorry.


Anonymous said...

I say baah. I got through about 75% of our thank you cards and then things got a little crazy with me medically and I threw the rest away. Your guests know that you love them and that you're thankful. I never really understood the whole card obsession anyway. Like at a bridal shower where someone sits and writes down all the information for each gift, even though the bride is right there THANKING the person profusely. Is that not enough confirmation of gratitude. We must too waste stamps? whatever. I say send em an email or let this post stand as thank you. But I'm crotchety that way...


Carrie "Pie" said...

Hey Allison! It's Carrie (Lowden)! I saw your comment on Jodie's blog and found my way here! I love your blog! It's fun to hear from you. You look happy and well. I also noticed that your husband builds straw bale houses! I had never heard of such a thing until I met my husband! He'd love to build one some day. For now we're just using the same old sticks like everybody else:)

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