::postcard:: remember my BIRTHDAY?

Well, I told you about the BIG surprise with my family coming into town, but I didn't mention any of my pressies (except my DC trip from ::honey::).

Well, after dinner on my bday, I was totally surprised with some gifts. I thought the Vegas adventure was everything! But soeur had gotten some folks (& I mean loads of folks: people she knows, I know, family, strangers on the street, etc.) to take pictures with Happy Birthday signs. You know how I love picture signs. THIS projecto totally took the cake. Soeur and ::honey:: got tons of folks to contribute and then soeur put them all together in the coolest scrapbook ever. Take a look.

(i have a million favorites in this book, but one is the pic on the left...if you look close you can see that instead of a newspaper in the blue box, it's ma birthday sign!)

So, in the spirit that the message was delivered:



Erich and Kara said...

Happy B-day...late and unaccompanied by a cool pic! Glad it was a good one.
So Erich and I are going to be in Provo this upcoming Saturday afternoon/night and Sunday day. I was hoping we might go to Saint George but my parents ended up not going down there so that changed our plans to head that way.

blackstarmonkey said...

you are the great. your yellow jumper looks smashing.

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Your book IS great and your friends, faminly, etc. are exceptional for sending such great and creative photos. They all had a great part in the party!
Love, v.

Lanelle said...

What a fun birthday! BTW Happy Birthday LATE! I LOVE how you changed your hair in each pic!

Lisa said...

What a great birthday present! So clever and creative. Happy birthday to you! (a little late)

It sounds like it was a pretty good one. : )

the Rew Crew said...

Sweet idea! I'm totally remembering this for the future.

Happy belated birthday!

Janae said...

What a great idea. You are both so creative! I'm glad you had such a great birthday.

Kelly said...

Wow Go jill. and look at your creativity. I love it. You're so cute

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