Once upon a time, I was going to turn thirty.
Instead of a thirtieth birthday, I got a thirtieth birthday weekend.

It started out the day before, with a pre-birthday breakfast with Bud & Barb, at our favorite breakfast place, The Bearpaw.

Barb sent me to work with plates of filled cupcakes!
After work, ::honey:: took me for a night in Vegas!

Dinner at PF Chang's, my choice.

Little did I know, others were lurking around the corner.

Surprise! Mere & Pere & Soeur were all there, too!

Out late on the strip, watching the Bellagio Fountains...

And (trying) to ring in the birthday with sparklers! (Stopped by hotel security - DRAT!)

Breakfast crepes at the Paris...oui, oui!

And back to the Bellagio gardens and chocolate fountains...

Then shopping and home!

Thanks for the surprise and the amazing birthday weekend! You guys are the best! (And can you believe ::honey:: kept this whole thing a secret!?! He who says, "Let me give you a hint: It ends with 'pod' and you listen to music with it." I didn't know he had it in him, but thank you, crazy!)


blackstarmonkey said...

that weekend was bursting with fruit flavor. i love you, (like)crazy.

Kelly said...

Wow! What a fun surprise to find your parents and fun sister! I'm impressed that he kept it a secret too. Happy Birthday!!

Anonymous said...

We slept well after a weekend with C/A and J. Non-stop. V's face hurts from laughing and smiling. Thank you. --W and V.

Anonymous said...

You take great pics, too.

Melody said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like it was perfect! David has the big 30 coming up too.. ;)

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