Good Cop...Great Cop

Late night flights seem to have become the norm for us now. We arrived in Las Vegas after a five hour sleepless flight from JFK. By the time we got our bags and found our car it was almost 1am. Wife stayed awake and we talked all the way home. The conversation must have been more engrossing than I thought because as we left the gorge and entered Utah I dismissed the construction and lower speed limit signs. I noticed a car parked under the new overpass heading to the future airport, but did not even think of slowing down. By the time I realized it was a policeman I was only a mile from my exit and thought I might be able to get off of the freeway before he decided to bust me. Caprice Classics have some amazing acceleration and he was on me in no time. Apparently 82 in a 60 + double points for a construction zone could result in serious fines and outrageous insurance for the next three years. Needless to say, I was worried. While we waited for the officer, Wife and I decided to reenact one of our favorite public displays. Wife makes exaggerated gestures in the air like she is yelling at me while I cower in fear of an angry woman. Usually this takes place in Walmart and we get a good laugh at people's reaction. I don't know if the policeman saw what we were doing or if he was just in a generous mood, but when he returned with the ticket it was written for 69 in a 60 and he waved the construction zone violation. So next time you get pulled over, try having your passenger gesture angrily...it just might work. Oh yeah, and pay attention, those construction signs are serious even at three in the morning.


The Ringer Family said...

I don't think my last comment worked - bummer I hate it when it does that. ANYWAY that's super cool and clever of you, that was quick thinking too. Next time we're down there or you're up here I'd love to see that acted out in Walmart, i'd love to see people's faces:)

Anonymous said...

V. here...
Did you actually take a photo of the police car that stopped you??
You are very lucky he was lenient!!! Coming home late from a vacation is always the worst.

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