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Time to clean out some more books: Available to anyone who wants them, just leave a comment and whoever lets me know first, gets it! Please specify which book you want.

I got this book as a part of the Real Simple online book club. Super, super fast and easy read (think Erma Bombeck-ish maybe?). Very humorous...talks about aging. Makes you realize that although you may not have the body/face you had ten years ago, it's better than the one you'll have ten years from now, so enjoy it! She's in quite a different life stage than I am, so although I thought it was funny, it wasn't REALLY my cup of tea. But anyway, stranger or not, if you want it, let me know and it's yours! See reviews here (scroll down all the way).

I love western american lit. Love it. And this book, Proulx's first novel, won her a Faulkner award, and she has won lots of other awards and been a bestseller, so I thought I would really like it. She tells the story, through postcards, of the Blood family, a rural family, trying to survive the onslaught of the twentieth century. As the family falls apart, each heads off on their own adventure in an attempt to forget their past. I enjoyed her writing style, and each individual chapter, but I'll be honest. I didn't get the book overall. It maybe had to do with the fact that it took me about six months to finish it, so it may have been my mind that was a little disjointed. But anyway. Review here.

Enough said, right? Everyone recognizes that cover.


Kyle and Tiff said...

Oo, I want Wicked! But I live in California, so won't be around to pick it up anytime soon. Oh, well. Hope it goes to a good home.

liso. said...

isss no problem, tiff. it's yours. just send me your address and i'll stick it in the mail-o!

blackstarmonkey said...

i want postcard one.

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