::wandering:: Baltimore

Another red-eye and we survived this one, too. We've both been kind of sick, so so we were popping airborne, cough drops and alka seltzer the whole time. But we made it back alive! ::Honey:: had to go to a conference in Baltimore for work, and since Baltimore is so close to DC and I have a friend in DC...well, he bought me a ticket *for my birthday* to ride along and go spend some time with my best Jess while he worked hard.

l: the beginning of the redeye; r: JFK, re-visiting the SAME gate we flew out of for our honeymoon

We got in around 10 A and took the train down to the harbor to ::his:: hotel (swanky!) to get cleaned up. We explored the harbor a bit and had lunch before we said *goodbye* for the next couple of days...it was my first time actually enjoying Baltimore and I loved it! Hopefully, we'll be able to get back there again...

Then I jumped back on the train! Next stop: Union Station, Washington D.C.


Anonymous said...

How fun!! The east looks pretty tame. I thought it would be cold now. You are seeing some fun sights!! Happy Birthday, Alison Love, Mom

Carrie "Pie" said...

Wow! That looks like such a fun trip! I've never been to DC or that part of the country really. It's definitey on my wish list of places to see. Fun, fun!

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