::home:: on FRIDAY we* carb-loaded...

...for our** annual marathon, Saturday morning. (13th largest in the nation. Toot, toot!)

Our good friends came into town for the event. We haven't been able to hang out in so long; it was a great excuse for a little reunion...so the house was full: Big D, Little Nat, and Mother M. were all running. Scooter came along for the ride. And of course Tresspasser was there.

Everyone finished.

Big D & Little Nat after getting their post-race ice cream.

After Mother M crossed the finish

It was rainy (when does that ever happen HERE???) and cold and windy and sounded pretty miserable for everyone we knew that ran it. BUT it was great to have everyone here for the weekend. Once again, we're happy for the ideal little location of our little place. Come back anytime, you guys! And, seriously, we can't wait this long again. Hope the recovery goes smoothly!

*we - meaning we all benefitted from Barb's delish lasagna. chad, scooter, tresspasser, and I didn't necessarily NEED the carbs. But we loaded.

** our - meaning our TOWN... my thoughts on marathons: "Are you insane?" chad's: "Maybe. Could be fun."


the Rew Crew said...

No way!! I always toy with the idea of a marathon, but then I ask myself, why? And I still haven't found enough good reasons.

liso. said...

oh, dear, and the joke didn't come thru. we definitely did NOT run in the marathon. i am, however, an excellent sideliner. totally crazy...26 miles. ha! when hell freezes over!

Anonymous said...

V. said'''
You have such impressive friends. Hooray for all!!

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