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I used to watch old movies C.O.N.S.T.A.N.T.L.Y. It wasn't unusual when I was in college for me to come home from a late night and flip on AMC or TCM at 1 o'clock in the am, and watch a movie or two. I just love the old scripts. But...it was always hard for me to watch something in the oh-so-gorgeous technacolor, and then watch a black-and-white. I could watch technacolor after technacolor or black-and-white after black-and-white OR black-and-white after technacolor. But NOT the other way around.

Coming back to the desert of Yu-Tah (though I love it here, usually) after being in the brilliant color of the Northeast is much like watching a black-and-white after Technacolor. It just feels like something is missing.

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V. said...
I know what you mean. We felt the same leaving Seattle and comming home to ABQ. We are always surprised and say "We really do live in a desert"! or is that dessert? ST G is a beautiful place though with all the red red rocks.

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