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This blog has evolved into Alison's corner of the world. Anyone suprised? I'm not. Alison is definitely the more creative and artistic of the two of us. I finally had a few minutes today to see what she has been posting. Isn't she great!!!!

I have been working on building a small strawbale house at work. The progress is slow as I am learing as I go. I left for Boston with the roof only halfway done and a snow storm rolled through. Luckily it was covered well enough with tarps that it should dry out in the next couple of days (the forcast is for sun). I will be finishing up the roof this week. The final step...Stucco will begin in about a week.
I am still hoping to complete another one before the weather gets too bad. A few people have expressed interest in helping out, let me know and we can do a sort of workshop if people are interested. With everything I have learned in the first one, I am sure the second one will be much faster.

Boston was amazing. Alison is handsdown the best travel partner I have ever had (not a small task by any means). It was the perfect mix of family and just the two of us time. We got lots of play time with the girls and spent a couple of days among the "beautiful people" of Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod. Dan and Tara were amazing hosts...great food, excellent company, and free access to their car any time we wanted. Thanks guys. Sorry for any inconvenience or tears when teasing or play time became too much. We even got to "rock out" to Celine Dion (if putting up with her all the way the way to Rockport isn't love than what is).

Lexington and Concord really were two of the highlights of the trip. You can't go anywhere in that area without being reminded of how great this country really is. To stand in the places where people like Paul Revere, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and so many others stood is very surreal and very humbling. Since we left I have been reading anything I can about the Revolutionary War, especially those early days in and around Boston.

We stood above the hill of the Old North Bridge and tried to fathom the excitement and fear felt by the militia and minutemen as they saw smoke rising from the Concord Commons and British troops blocking passage back to their families and loved ones in town. Alison is right...it is a sacred place.

We really did have an amazing time, and though it was difficult to leave, it is always nice to come home.


Janae said...

This was a fantastic post. And your house is so impressive. What an amazing couple you are.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the hay bale house is going so great. What a project. I don't see one of these every day!
It seems as if everyone falls in love with Boston. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. Love, V

Balagna Bunch said...

I'll have to pass along 1776 if you haven't read it yet.

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