::home:: 2nd Annual PUNKINS.

My husband is nice to humor me...so tonight we carved pumpkins for the 2nd time since we've been married...(I can't for the life of me remember last year...?). And this time he was especially nice since he's feeling somewhat sickly... I got these cool kits with stencils and these fancy tiny little knives, and 3 big pumpkins (3 day before Halloween sale, thank you). And we set off-a-carvin:

*guts*guts*guts*and more guts*

After he got the guts out and the picture traced on (dedicated to Colton, btw), what did he do? He pulled out the dremel to finish the job. I don't know why I'm still surprised by something like that. He finished fast while I finished slow (typical in our relationship) and cooked dinner while I labored over my pumpkins.

And you can't even tell what mine is...

For dessert, caramel popcorn, but poor ::mh:: was too pooped...hopefully now he's sawing logs and will feel better tomorrow. Thanks for being a good sport, crazy! Love you!

***punkins, left to right: crossbones, SPOOKY, and a haunted house that looks more like an abstract witch on a broom. enh. oh well.***

***i might be just a little kinda glad that halloween is almost over. cuz that means we're that much closer to Christmas!***


The Ringer Family said...

those look super-cool guys. I'm embarassed to admitt we didn't do pumpkins this year. I held off because Casey thinks I always buy them too early, by the time I realized I SHOULD have bought them I figured what's the point, it's almost not worth all the work now! Bummer.

Janae said...

Your pumpkins look great!

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