when you refer to me...

please incorporate the term "twenty-something" as much as possible. i just realized i only have about two months left in this decade... i know 'they' say that thirties are the new twenties, but that can never be. thirties are thirties. twenties are twenties.


the Rew Crew said...

First, how is it being such a youngin'? Must be nice;

Second, I love little Nyabo's name;

Third, your quilts rock;

Fourth,post the pics of the dogs girl! I'm sure they turned out great. (Mine, not so much but I'm working on them).

And one last thing in the longest comment ever--hurry up and get Clicky installed on your blog so you can see what all the fun is about! Trust me, trust me, trust me on this one. It's awesome!

Anna said...

live it up, girl! the thirties suck - - - not that i'd know ;)

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