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Steps 1-4 are now complete on my first attempt at building a strawbale structure.

The foundation is finally in place and the building is beginning to come together. Alison's parents (M and D) were able to come and lend a hand for the exciting day. Several people from work showed up and we made quick work of the cement.


The Ringer Family said...

congrats,chad...maybe I can see them some day!

Anna said...

okay, this is so.cool. you and my joshie would be great friends!

Anonymous said...

The guy in the army hat should try using hammer. Good thing you had other talented people with you. --ABQ

Anonymous said...

I cannot wit to see the progress! Or is all the help leaving after the concrete dries? Looks like C will have a lot of work to do. I think he likes it! V.

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