::home:: my little (closet) office

Just needs curtains.


Jennica said...

Look at you GO! Ilove it and as always, thanks for sharing with us!

Becca said...

You have such an eye for putting things together...super cute!
Also - We'll just miss you in B-town! We are going from the 1st to the 7th.
So, the pic of Aaron is totally real! Adam took some pics of the other two boys with the leaf blower also. There's a link to their family's picasa album on the myfamily website. Adam put a post with a link to the reunion pics and from that you can look at some of their other albums. You'll have to check it out. It's pretty funny!
Sorry we won't see you in Boston! Hope you have so much fun!

Anna said...

i lurve it!!! so is this in your guest bedroom - i'm trying to remember? what an inspiring little spot ... i can just see you budgeting away in there =)

Anonymous said...

You are sooo talented! ABQ

blackstarmonkey said...

DANG gina. lookin GOOD.

liso. said...

anna - it is in the 2nd bedroom. i don't know if you ever got to go in there...i think back then it was just a storage unit :)

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